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Principles & Beliefs

All People are Created Equal

As it is stated, “all men are created equal” in the US Constitution, I see “all people are created equal.” Regardless of your religious affiliations, sexual orientation, race, financial background, age or disability status,

I will work to make sure that no law ever exists that prevents employment, housing, service, or any other basic right to anyone solely because of one’s personal attributes. Equality is a resource that comes without limitations and should be recognized and acknowledged as a basic right for every individual in this country. No one is free until everyone is free.

Our Bodies, Our Selves

NO ONE gets to tell us how we make use of our own body. We decide for ourselves and should be the only ones to control the abilities of its natural function. That means making our own decisions about reproduction, gender expression and all other personal matters.

It also means that everyone should have access to affordable, professional healthcare in relation to this. What one does in reference to their own personal and intimate matters is of none of anyone else’s business.

A Nation of Immigrants

North America has been a land of immigrants for over 10,000 years. It has been embedded in America’s spirit since inception and is what gave birth to this incredible nation. T

Therefore, immigration is an important part of the US economy and culture. I will do whatever I can to make sure they come to this country legally, safely and with humanity. I will also work to make sure those who come here without the benefit of legal protection - including their children – are given a swift and successful path to citizenship.

Global Citizenship & Leadership

America must maintain its duty and position as a strong, socially responsible, political leader. As a wealthy nation, we need to play a contributing and honorable role internationally. We must provide leadership in humanitarianism and democratic ideals.

We must recognize other sovereign nations and support those in need of our assistance. We must sustain a strong, well-trained military while honoring and protecting our service men and women including their families during and after service.


Democracy is the core of all things American. It is what defines us as a nation, our culture, and our beliefs. I will work to make sure that fair and honest voting laws are designed to encourage maximum participation.

The easier it is to vote, the stronger we are as a democracy.

Term Limits

The absence of term limits is forcing us to fight the same battles over and over again. One of the problems within our government is that we have been engulfed by career politicians.

I will work to enact meaningful term limits in Congress and the Supreme Court so that elected officials and judges can participate in their government long enough to have an impact. As your Congressman, I will never allow party politics to overtake good public policy.

Free and Fair Trade

I will work to make sure that our economy is as strong as possible, striving to lower the recent wave of crippling inflation. We have to work towards an economy that provides good-paying jobs, removing student debt while making housing and childcare more affordable. International trade is a key element to a stronger economy, both here and overseas.

We need to remove restrictions and tariffs on goods from other countries and ensure that all workers are treated fairly and respectfully. Expanding current trade agreements in the Caribbean and providing incentives for businesses that take advantage of these agreements will be the first step towards tightening our supply chain.


We need to re-assess our gun laws and outlaw private ownership of semi-automatic weapons. There should be training, age limitations, licensure and other measures designed to better balance responsible gun ownership with community safety. Anyone owning a gun should be required to complete continuing education on ethics, gun safety, review of gun laws and the consequences for breaking them on a consistent basis.

Pay a Fair Share

Everyone needs to pay their fair share toward the common good. That means a taxing scale that ensures every individual and corporation pay an appropriate amount of tax.

A Fair, Transparent and Ethical Government

For too long, we have seen governmental agencies working behind closed doors, allowing those with personal and corporate agendas to affect public policy. I believe in total transparency within our government and will fight to reduce the impact of paid lobbyists and special interest groups.

One Planet

Commerce is essential to everyday life. It provides our income, goods, and way of life. But we must realize what 200 years of industrial output has done to our planet. It is imperative that we strive to support efforts that rapidly reverse the impact we have on the environment before more damage is done.

New Approach to Public Service

A fresh approach to fostering the true meaning and values of public service.

Equal Protection Under Law

Every man, woman and child deserve equal rights regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or religious belief.

Boost Our Economy With Free & Fair Trade

Expanding international trade helps foster the private sector and create new job opportunities; thus, increasing tax revenue.


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U.S. Congressional District (FL-25)

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