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Free & Fair Trade

I will work to make sure that our economy is as strong as possible, striving to lower the recent wave of crippling inflation.

We have to work towards an economy that provides good-paying jobs, removing student debt while making housing and childcare more affordable. International trade is a key element to a stronger economy, both here and overseas. We need to remove restrictions and tariffs on goods from other countries and ensure that all workers are treated fairly and respectfully.

Expanding current trade agreements in the Caribbean and providing incentives for businesses that take advantage of these agreements will be the first step towards tightening our supply chain

New Approach to Public Service

A fresh approach to fostering the true meaning and values of public service.

Equal Protection Under Law

Every man, woman and child deserve equal rights regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or religious belief.

Boost Our Economy With Free & Fair Trade

Expanding international trade helps foster the private sector and create new job opportunities; thus, increasing tax revenue.


Voter Support is Growing


Total Population

U.S. Congressional District (FL-25)


Total Poverty Rate 10.3%

U.S. Congressional District (FL-25)


U.S. Citizens Make Up 87.7%

U.S. Congressional District (FL-25)

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Robert Millwee speaking with voters about campaign issues during Sunday Jazz Brunch at Riverwalk

Downtown Fort Lauderdale's Historic District

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March 19, 2022

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